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Honoring First Responders - Packing Lunches (MORNING)

Date & Time:

Saturday, October 5, 2019
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


16 have signed up & 9 openings remain.


What to expect: Volunteers will be packing lunches for the First Responders. There is a second shift for this project that is actually delivering the lunches. 

Age Requirement: Volunteers must be 7+

What to wear: No requirements!

What to bring: Volunteers can help bring items that will be used in the lunches. Items needed to pack the lunches must be delivered to Friendship Baptist Church as early as Tuesday, October 1st and no later than Thursday, October 3rd by 5PM. 

  • - Lunch size variety packs of chips (500)
  • - Lunch size packs of cookies (500)
  • - Lunch size pudding/jello (500)
  • - 8oz bottles of water (500)
  • - Capri Suns (500)
  • - Snack size chocolate candy (1500)

Rally Details: Because you are serving in the Downtown area on CityServe Day, you will be rallying at First Pres (see map for details) at 8am. Join us at the Downtown Rally to pray and grab some coffee before you head to Friendship Baptist to serve. One of our local Pastors will pray over you before you go out to serve Downtown of Colorado Springs.

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