Family Support Project #3 (MORNING)

Date & Time:

Saturday, October 5, 2019
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


15 have signed up & 0 openings remain.


What to expect: At this project, volunteers will be blessing a widow, who's husband passed away recently. You'll be doing yard work, like pulling weeds, tear down a small green house, cut down a few Aspen trees, trim bushes and trees, dig out a plant, replace a door panel and similar things.

Age Requirements: All ages, children/ teenagers accompanied and supervised by parent

What to bring: Plenty of water, gloves, trash bags, chain saws and/or hand saws, gardening shears, rakes, trimmers, shovels.

What to wear: Work clothes, closed toed shoes. 

Rally Details: Because you are serving in the Northeast area on CityServe Day, you will be rallying at Village Seven (see map for details) at 8am. Join us at the Northeast Rally to pray and grab some coffee before you head to the Family Support Project #3 to serve. One of our local Pastors will pray over you before you go out to serve the Northeast side of Colorado Springs.

Thank You, This Project is Full

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