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  • 911 Dispatcher Support - DROP OFF PROJECT (80903)

911 Dispatcher Support - DROP OFF PROJECT (80903)

Date & Time:

Saturday, April 29, 2023
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


47 have signed up & -2 openings remain.


What to expect:  Volunteers will be dropping off goodie bags and notes of encouragement to 911 dispatchers. There are 90 dispatchers who work difficult and thankless jobs. They would love to feel encouraged and seen by the community at large! This project IS NOT a physical service project, but a simple donation drop-off to demonstrate care to first responders. All items will be dropped off on April 29th. 

Volunteer Tasks: We are asking each volunteer that signs up for this project to bring AT LEAST 10 pre-prepared goodie bags (including 2-5 small items/snacks in each goodie bag) and 10 cards of encouragement at the 911 dispatcher's office and drop them off for staff. If each volunteer that signs up brings 10 cards/goodie bags, every staff member will receive something and maybe a few things. We will not be dictating what you need to bring, but trust each volunteer to be creative and encouraging! This would be a great project for a family! 

Donation Item Ideas:

-Cards of Encouragement - Messages like "You are valued!" or "Thank you for all you do!" - Please put notes of encouragement with whatever items you choose to bring.

- Food items to consider: Small packaged snacks or drinks (candy, water, granola bars, individually wrapped cookies or chips, etc.) To ensure the safety of food items, all food donations must be pre-packaged. 

- Small items to consider: Feel free to put items like chapstick, lotion, gift cards, etc. into your goodie bags.

- Acceptable larger items: Trays of Jimmy Johns/Subway/Costco, trays of cookies or pastries

Drop of Details: Please simply park in the front parking lot and take your items to the front desk. Please advise the front desk staff that you are there to drop off the donated items for staff. Must drop off between 9am - 12pm on Saturday, April 29th.

Staff person, Danny Miller, will be there to greet you.

Ahead of time Contact: COSILoveYou Staff, Corrie Smith - corrie@cosiloveyou.com

Thank You, This Project is Full

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