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COSILoveYou hosts two citywide service days throughout the year:

On COSILoveSchools Day we are looking for projects to serve schools in the El Paso County area. And on CityServe Day we serve the broader community (schools, nonprofits, neighborhoods, families, etc.).

Please note that the completion of this form does not guarantee that your project will be selected for CityServe Day or COSILoveSchools Day. We do our very best to accommodate a variety of projects, while at the same time navigating constraints (cost, time, manpower, skill, etc.).

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So that we can contact you in case we need additional information about the project, please provide the information below. This is for internal use only and not for public record.

Family Friendly Project requires parental support for small children.

Little Kid Friendly Project requires adult supervision for elementary school aged and younger children.

Jr High Friendly Project requires adult supervision for jr. high school aged minors.

Sr High Friendly Project requires adult supervision for sr. high school aged minors.

Projects that are friendly to seniors and those with limited mobility.

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